Pseudotropheus socolofi

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( 1.25"-1.5" )

Stage 4 - Guaranteed Pretty Color

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Stage 4 - Guaranteed Pretty Color
Juvenile 1.25"-1.5


This beautiful blue and black banded cichlid hails from Tumbi point and Mara point within lake Malawi. Socolofi have been very popular amongst hobbyists.

Socolofi should be housed in a densely rocky tank. The more caves and hideouts there are the more active they tend to be.

Socolofi are an herbivore cichlid, so a diet consisting of a lot of plant matter is a must. We suggest a spirulina based flake to keep this fish happy and healthy.

These fish will mix best with other aggressive mbuna species like Auratus, Bumble Bee, and Demasoni.

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