Bi-color 500

Bi-color 500


Aulonocara Maulana

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Bi-Color 500 Peacock cichlids are a species of Aulonocara native to Chitimba Bay in Lake Malawi. Males feature bright blue bodies with collars of gold, blue, or red around their shoulders and can grow to be about 5″ in length. They are carnivorous and should be fed a diet that’s high in protein content. We like to feed Bi-color 500 Peacocks our Plankton flakes along with sinking cichlid pellets.

Bi-color 500 peacock cichlids are usually peaceful with each other and other Peacock cichlids. Here we like to keep these cichlids with other Peacocks like Ethelwynnae, Ngara Flametail and Sunshine Peacocks. They are among the easiest cichlid species to keep in aquariums and are ideal for beginners.

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